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Back from the dead...

... or at least the not posting to live journal in forever place. Prepare yourself for a long read...

I had a good 4 day weekend. Yes, I said 4. We got Friday and Monday off at EFI. I needed a bit of a break and two short weeks are nice as well.

So my weekend really started Thursday night. I met up with Evan, Lori, Evan's bro Sean, and Fuson for dinner in downtown Redwood City. We have started exploring some places nearby and I am glad we have since we have found some decent eating options. We ate at a place called Hong-kee Noodle House which was remarkably similar to TK Noodle in price and dishes. It was slightly ghetto with duck-taped seats but it was pretty good. I thought it stood up well as a TK alternative, though it didn't appear to have the good daikon cake appetizer or pearl milk tea. Afterwards we went and watched Fahrenheit 911. It was an entirely biased "documentary" but very enjoyable to watch. Some stuff was really funny the way it was done and some of the information was truly scary/frightening in a "you got to be kidding" sort of way (or maybe it should be "I really wish you were joking" sort of way).

Friday morning I woke up early and met two co-workers at 9 am at Mission Cliffs in SF (it is a huge warehouse with tall climbing walls). I climbed with them until about 12:30. It was really tiring and I am quite out of shape. I didn't really have the best success either. I normally can use brute force to pull myself out of any predicament but my arms tired rather rapidly on Friday. Oh well, time for Emily and I to start hitting the gym regularly again.

I then went to take Emily out to lunch since she was working. We ate in a little pizza place near where she works. The place had a couple good lunch specials. Yay for seeing Emily, she makes me happy :-)

Afterwards I dropped by my Subaru dealership. I found Charles (the super friendly sales person who sold me my car at a great price and still remembers me a year later even though he sells hundreds of cars a year... he is like one of the top rated bay area sales people... if you are ever in need of a Volkswagen or Subaru, he comes highly recommended) and talked with him for a bit. I noticed they had the new 2005 model of my car in the showroom. They made some minor changes to the console and steering wheel (both of which I actually prefer the old way, though they did improve the cup holding capacity which is nice). I did like the new color, a Crystal Grey Metallic. I definitely would have gotten that over my Platinum Silver Metallic. It was sort of slow being midday Friday so I asked if I could test drive my car with a short-throw shifter add on (I have been considering getting this on my car, it makes for a shorter shifting distance and therefore a sportier feel). He said sure, got some keys and walked me out to a car on the lot. Then to my surprise he handed me the keys and told me to be back in 15 minutes or so. So I took it out (it was actually a sedan, not a wagon) and up to 280, took a weird exit I'd never been on before, drove around a bit trying to find an on ramp, and drove back. It was definitely a shorter throwing distance, but the car was so new it was a bit rough so it was hard for me to tell if I'd like it on my car.

Being still focused on cars I headed back to Redwood City, picked up my book and went to Ducky's. It has been a year already so I had Sadie (my car) fully hand detailed inside and out. Man, she can still shine :-). While I was waiting Lori called me saying she wanted Yumi Yogurt and wanted to play some Smash Brothers along with Sean and Fuson. So Fuson actually came by and picked me up, we went to Yumi Yogurt and stuffed ourselves. Talk about large servings there. A "small" even conquered Sean (and if you don't know, there isn't much that is edible that isn't eaten when Sean is around). Having been there before I took the "safe" route and got a small cone. Man, I've never seen ice cream pilled so high on such a small cone! Fuson then took me back to get my car and we went back to my place to some Smash Brothers. Later on Lori went and picked up Evan and Emily came by as well. We walked over to the a Brick Oven pizza place close by and ordered a combo pizza and a custom one with garlic, onions, jalapenos and sausage. I thought it was pretty good though as Evan said the combo was a bit busy. We then went back to my place and Lori's friend Nate came over for some cards (Egyptian Rat Screw, not my favorite game, mostly because I suck at it). Late that night a run was made to Safeway for pie (we had to talk Lori out of going all the way to Heidi's Pies in San Mateo) though they came back with a Boston Cream cake and a pecan pie. Evan made the mistake of putting his milk in the fridge and by the end of the night there really wasn't enough milk left to warrant taking home.

On Saturday I once again woke up early to go with Emily to SF to take Kalu (her bird) to The Animal Company for her last weight check. Her weight is completely stable and all concern is pretty much gone. Yay! Kalu makes Emily happy. Good bird! Afterwards we met up with Emily's mother for dim sum and then went back to her house. I feel asleep on the couch while they spent time doing mother/daughter stuff. I then woke up and we headed out, stopping on the way to pick up sausages for Sunday. Emily and I hung out for a while and then she headed home and I called it a night.

Sunday morning I woke up early once again (the only bad trend of the weekend :-) ) and my co workers met at my place at 8 am for a bike ride. Unfortunately one co-worked locked his keys in his car and so I had to drive him home to get his spares. So we got a delayed start at 9am. We did the Tour-de-Peninsula ride essentially, going from my place to Millbrae and back again, about 35 miles total. I survived alright, though I was not in as good a shape as last time. Got slightly burned by the sun as well, but not too bad. We were done by 12:30. I showered and prepared stuff for the BBQ. Emily came by and we headed to a nearby park where we met up with Evan, Lori, Fuson, Roxy, a friend of Roxy's (I'm bad with names) and a bunch of Lori's friends from high school. We had a good time, just hanging out, throwing a Frisbee, grilling (Evan did chicken, I did sausages) and eating too much. Afterwards we went back to my place for some cards and smash brothers and then headed out to watch Spiderman 2. I'd heard such great things about it but I was utterly disappointed. Nowhere near the quality of X-Men2 in my opinion. Lots of cheese and drama and this hilarious scene that reminded me of a B horror film with tentacles and chainsaws.

Monday was pretty uneventful, but then again that's not a bad thing. Hung out with Emily all day, a really good thing. Went to Costco (that place is the devil, I always end up buying too much junk there), met up with her mother and brother for late lunch, hung out at my place for a bit, then hung out at hers waiting for Paul to get in. Picked up Paul from the airport, grabbed some food, and chatted for a while in the evening (he had much to fill me in on ;-) ). I then went to bed and finished my book, putting a nice wrapper on a great weekend.
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*grumble grumble*

So my group decided to switch source code control recently. My group is essentially a small startup within the company and as such we haven't been too constrained by common company practice. However, for some strange reason we decided to join the source control bandwagon, dropping our current solution in favor of the company supported variety. Now the problem is that we have developers in two locations, here and Minnesota (random I know). Anyway, since I am the only one here (though I own and have written a large percentage of the source) we decided the code could be moved and owned by the MN branch. However, now that it has moved my productivity curve resembles the path of a semi careening into the Grand Canyon. I can't believe we have spent so much money as a company supporting this system and there isn't a good way to develop from remote locations. So here I sit, with a list of issues and tons of new development ahead of me and there is no good way for me to access MY CODE. I think I am going to go kill something now. Probably not a good time to have a meeting with our biggest customer, but I have one in 5 minutes.
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So another weekend comes to an end...

This was a good full weekend. It started off Friday night at Darbar's with Evan, Lori, Fuson, Paul, Ming, John and Dave. Darbar is a good little Indian food place in Palo Alto. Normally it is pretty cheap too since there are a lot of 2 for 1 dinner coupons that we unfortunately didn't have this time around. Anyway, it was very good. We had a dish for each person and had fun passing them around in a circle. The portions worked out perfectly too.

After dinner we headed over to the Aquarius theater and watched "Goodbye Lenin". It was pretty good, though not as funny as I thought it was going to be from the previews. It was also a bit slow at times. However, I enjoyed immersing myself in the dialog and trying to ignore the subtitles (the film was in German, which I can for the most part still understand, except for the stupid political talk). I have to say that the movie paled in comparison to "Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind", which I saw the day before and I think was awesome. Right up there with "Lost in Translation", which I finally watched on DVD last week.

On Saturday morning I just did some house chores and general stuff. Went food shopping, put a new seat on my mountain bike, etc. Then in the evening I took Emily and Paul up to Gokart Racing in Burlingame where we met up with a group of high school friends and some friends they had brought from Davis. We ended up having 9 of the 10 people racing and a bunch of fans cheering us from the sidelines. It was a blast. This was my second time. Last time we did 3 10 minute sessions which were just for best lap time. This time we did Monaco style where there is a 5 minute trial period that decides your start positions. Unfortunately the one guy that wasn't from our group was really good so he was placed 1st, Alex Chew was placed 2nd and I was placed 3rd. Then the race began: a 15 minute gallop for top place. I have to say I think I did pretty well. I ended up placing 2nd and also had the 2nd best lap time. The unknown guy was of course first. It was pretty intense. These karts go pretty fast and we are talking like a lane or maybe a lane and half width at the widest sections. Sometimes there would be a jam of like 3 karts and its quite a rush to make a move to pass on the inside or outside. There were lots of tight turns that you could only slide through if you weren't laying on the brake. I for some reason had no problem getting into the don't touch the gas, just go mode. Much as if I were playing Mario Kart or some other such video game.

After kartings the whole gang went to Baja Fresh in FC and then headed over to Chris Taki's house to hang out and play some video games. It started to get late and we finally headed home.

Today I woke up early to get ready for another mountain biking expedition. Unfortunately I didn't set my clock ahead. Good thing I woke up extra early. Right as I was getting ready to eat breakfast I got a cell phone and I saw the time on the cell phone and panicked. So I called my friend I was supposed to carpool with and ran out the door. Got to eat a yummy powerbar for breakfast instead. Good thing my cell phone adjusted its time. Stupid this is my watch will too but I didn't have it on DST setting for some odd reason. Anyway, that was not to be my last powerbar of the day. I think I had 4 total. I met up with my friend and we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge and parked. We met up with our other friends (these are all coworkers of mine) and headed out. We were gone for almost 6 hours. We biked across the bridge, took a left, went up and over the mountain dropping down into a valley, up and over the next mountain dropping into yet another valley, went out to the beach and back, went back over the mountain and into the first valley again, the took a windy road through a small tunnel to Sausalito and back over the Bay Bridge. Thus the 4 powerbars, at least one per long climb. I brought a Camelback backpack but I drank all the water. All in all it was a good trip. I didn't have to stop on any of the climbs, though they just kept going and going. Stinking high coastal mountains. I did enjoy the downhill sections. While I am out of shape and was not first to make it to the top of the hill, I was always first to make it to the bottom (though being careful not to hurt myself again because if I got airlifted again I'd be in big trouble... mokey'd kick my butt :-D).

Bruised and battered (well, really only my butt is really sore... I liked the new seat, but man some of the bumps are killer on your sit bones) I made my way home. I then had dinner (Beef stew and artichokes courtesy of Paul, Banana bread courtesy of mokey :-)) and curled up with Mokey to watch a few Inuyasha eps.

So now I'm off to bed to prepare myself for another long week. Got a lot of time pressured assignments to finish of this week. Here's hoping I can pull it off.
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Sore Fingers

I've been practicing my guitar and man do my fingers hurt.  Sucks to type even.  Slightly better than this weekend though.  This weekend I went over to Lodi to visit my friend Tim and got a good start on learing guitar.  I have had the guitar since about a year ago, but I only had one short lesson from Tim and then I got buried by school work and my guitar got lost in the closet.  Hopefully this time I will keep it up.  I just got done "playing" (practicing chords and doing some strumming) and luckily Paul wasn't around to be tortured.

This has been a super fast week.  I can't believe its already Wednesday night.  Things have heated up again at work.  I have a couple high profile tasks due with ASAP type time frames.  My mokey got back from Japan on Monday so there went Monday.  I played D&D with Ming, John, John and Paul (the DM) Tuesday so there went Tuesday.  And that leaves us with today.   Good thing about the week going fast is its almost the weekend.  Sweet.



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I'm beat

So today I went mountain biking with some co-workers. Met up with them at 9:30 am right where Skyline meets up with Page Mill Road. There were 6 of us total. When I left the house it was fairly cold and overcast, but by the time I made it up to Skyline I was above the fog and it was quite sunny. We finally took off around 10 and biked all around, finally making it back to the lot at around 12:30. It was a good ride. We kept taking these trails that would drop off into a ravine and then climb out. I was fine with the drop off part (though I go a bit slower since my big crash) but the climbs were killer. I thought I was going to die at the end. I am so out of shape.  kiohl and I really need to start hitting the gym.

So after biking we decided to go to Todai.  Yeah, not exactly in line with being healthy, but good =).  So we got there about an hour before they closed and stayed well after they closed just chatting and resting (from the biking or the eating, who knows).  Then I came back and got a call from mokey in Taiwan. Yay!  She is now on her way to Japan.  Sounds like she is having fun. 

So now I'm showered and watching some Good Eats with pvirdone .  It still looks good but I am so stuffed. 

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The devil must be an ice cube because

That's right.  I've got a livejournal.  Hopefully the shock doesn't kill anyone out there.  Somewhere out there traveling I'm sure kiohl just fainted....

Anyway, it is miraculous how boredom can motivate.  It's not quite as powerful as the motivation/inspiration that laziness generates (we all love our remote controls that some lazy bum must have dreamt up) but it'll do wonders none the less.  Currently this is boredom at work.  Not because I don't have things to do, but because, given that its almost the end of the day on a Friday, I really don't feel like beginning any feats that would require sustained effort of the brain taxing variety.

Boredom also spawned me surf to pvirdone's blog and then decide to take the test at .  I got the 'Slow Dancer': .  I'd say its pretty accurate, though a bit nicer to me than I would be.  But I guess the last paragraph is relatively accurate given that pvirdone is my roommate and all.

Not sure what this weekend holds in store.  My winged kitty is not only out of town, but out of the country, so won't be visiting with her.  Might be some mountain biking in store if I don't set off the alarm at kiohl's place trying to rescue my mountain bike from the wasteland they call a garage. *ducks automatically to avoid the pain even though she's nowhere in sight*  Hopefully they'll be some hanging out with friends, though both lwu81 and ervan are heading to France on Saturday.  Prolly be some anime watching.  We have a backup of Netfix so maybe we'll catch up a little and actually use the service. 

Don't know when I'll post again.  When the fancy strikes I suppose.  Until then, I'm off to mess around with setting up the style of this journal.  *wishes mokey were here to help since her's is nice*